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фасадные панели Брик Панель под кирпич

Façade polypropylene panels “STEINDORF” is beautiful, reliable and durable decoration for your home with a service life of 50 years. Colors burnout guarantee is 10 years.

Фасадная панель SteinDorf светло-бежевый-2

light beige

Фасадная панель SteinDorf бежевый-2


Фасадная панель SteinDorf желтый-2


Фасадная панель SteinDorf красный


Length: 1190 mm, width: 320 mm, profile height: 20 mm, effective area: 0,32 m2. Weight: 1,1 kg. Package: 20 pc.

Углы SteinDorf

Corner elements are made in the color of the panels. The height of the corners: 340 mm. Package: 14 pc.

This small building was decorated in 1 day!

Unique features of our façade panels

Coating with water paints

Peeling paint is a typical problem for façade panels coated with water paints. This is especially common at the level of the base during contact with snow. To replace the panel it is necessary to disassemble the entire wall.

Coloring in mass

Façade panels “STEINDORF” are colored in the mass. Coloring in the mass eliminates peeling paint, as well as traces of the substrate if the panel is accidentally scratched. We coat with water paints only the seams between bricks to make them more realistic.

Our plant

Our plant is equipped with the most modern and high-performance equipment.

фасадные панели SteinDorf

Advantages of façade panels STEINDORF


The façade panel contains 40% of natural chalk. This increases the strength of panel and the ability to withstand mechanical stress. This increases impact resistance, reduces thermal linear expansion and increases the resistance to sunlight.

Aesthetic qualities

Panels have a realistic surface that imitates brickwork. A good and high-quality panel couldn’t be distinguished from a natural analogue even from a short distance. At the same time, unlike usual brickwork there is no risk of cracks or chips on the wall.


Façade panels have high strength characteristics and perfectly withstand even stormy conditions. The panels withstand shock loads as well as deform the impact and restore the original shape. The panels are perfectly washed with a water jet.


Façade panels keeps their original appearance For many years. The structural integrity of panels is maintained for more than 30 years and the color remains unchanged even under intense exposure of UV rays.

Easy installation

Panels are easy to install and they do not overload the wall. Installation is carried out on the crate or directly on the wall, if you do not need its alignment. The panels are connected to each other from all four sides, forming a monolithic surface. Installation of façade panels in its ease comparable to vinyl siding.


Façade panels are one of the most inexpensive decorative and finishing materials. If you compare the cost of panels, installation and maintenance with other cladding materials, the facade panels will be the most profitable option.

Unique features of our façade panels

Shrinkage at lower temperatures

The higher panel is the more vertical shrinkage occurs. When it happens the seams between panels rows could be seen very obviously. To avoid such negative effect it is preferable to keep height of panel between 250-350 mm.

Фасадные панели Брик Панель
Optimal height of panels

Due to the small height of panels, just 320 mm, we have eliminated the appearance of gaps between the rows of panels at low temperatures.

You can view the structure of panel in details using a computer mouse to rotate and zoom in this 3d model.

Additional longitudinal ribs provided in panel construction reduces thermal expansion and increases the rigidity of the panels.

Unique features of our façade panels

фасадная панель Steindorf
Longitudinal ribs

These ribs give additional rigidity to panels, but also allow you to mount the panel on a vertical crate. Thus, the façade system is more rigid and reliable.

This house has been panelled by STEINDORF in 10 days!

Assembly instruction

SteinDorf installation manual


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